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    Welcome to The Valley

    The Valley is the capital of Anguilla, and although it boasts a population of fewer than 2,000 people it's still the main town and a crossroads for travellers visiting Anguilla; however blink and you might miss it! There's not much to this small town besides a few shopping plazas and compared to the rest of the island even the architecture is lacking but it does boast a few noteworthy tourist attractions, museums and art galleries.
    Most travellers use The Valley as a stepping stone for their Anguilla experience - a brick in the path that leads the way to pristine palm-fringed, soft white beaches and warm crystalline waters abundant in a rich and diverse marine life just waiting to be explored.

    Information & Facts


    English is the official language in Anguilla.


    The East Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the official currency of Anguilla, although US dollars are widely accepted, with prices on menus etc. generally quoted in American dollars. The East Caribbean dollar is fixed to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.68. There are several ATMs throughout the island and one at the airport. Credit cards and travellers cheques are accepted at most establishments.


    Local time in Anguilla is GMT -4.