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Virgin Atlantic pilots Google Glass

Imagine turning up at the airport to find they know your name and flight details before you even speak.

Star Trek technology arrived at Heathrow Airport this week and it is called Google Glass .


From the moment Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers step out of their chauffeured limousine at Heathrow’s T3 they are greeted by name by staff wearing the technology.


At this point the check-in process has already started and the passenger hasn't had to say a word.



Virgin have been trailing Google Glass to offer a highly personalised service that starts even before flight details are offered. The wearable technology can update the hostess on travel information, events at the destination and even the weather. The technology can store data on customer preferences for future trips.


The cutting-edge technology is being introduced as Virgin Atlantic publishes the results of a major study of 10,000 airline passengers from across the world on the future of air travel. The results show that as the number of people travelling by plane has sky-rocketed in recent decades, the experience has lessened.


When asked what would improve their experience of flying in the future, 55 per cent saying that wifi on board would be the most appealing aspect, second only to bigger windows and more space on board (60 per cent). Almost a third of UK passengers (30 per cent) say they would like to see personalised menus that you can order in advance and 19 per cent wish for electronic boarding passes that don’t have to be printed every time you fly – this is already a reality for mobile users on Virgin Atlantic.


During the six week pilot scheme in the Upper Class lounge, the benefits to consumers and the business will be evaluated ahead of a potential wider roll-out in the future.


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