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Greece Vacations: 50 Cool Things Not to Miss in Greece












Greece is a European country that's considered one of the top holiday destinations for tourists no matter the season or what their age is. Visitors experience the natural beauty, history, and charm of the greek islands. Greece vacations offer many options for tourists like tanning on the sandy beaches in the Greek islands, active sports for the adventurous type, or enjoying the famed Mediterranean cuisine. If you never considered Greece as a vacation destination, here are 50 reasons to visit this country.





























1.   Santorini architecture. Marvel at the heavenly beauty of Cycladic whitewashed homes and blue church domes nestled on the cliff of a volcanic crater in Santorini. The sunrise here is also one of the most unforgettable you’ll ever see.

2.    Ferry rides between Greek islands. Instead of booking expensive cruise or yacht trips, hop into a ferry and still experience one of the most romantic ways to discover Greece.

3.    Benaki Museum. Although Greece seems to be an outdoor gallery in itself, getting inside Benaki will give you a holistic view of Greek’s artistic and cultural transformation from ancient to modern times.

4.    Meteora. Get in touch with your inner self in any of the 6 (originally 20) monasteries perched on the steep rocks of Meteora. The rock pillars, along with tall terraces and caverns, make up the place’s uniquely-carved landscape.

5.    Mount Olympus. Yes, you can climb the abode of Greek gods in Mount Olympus but this activity isn’t for the faint-hearted, not only because it is strenuous but its mysticism will bring shivers down your spine. 

Temple of Appollon in Rhodes, Greece

6.   Old Town in Rhodes. This medieval town is home to the Streets of Knights, a fully-restored medieval road which will bring you back to the grandeurs of that era. The ancient Colossus and the medieval Knights of St John once resided in this town.

7.   Agoramakes. Start your sightseeing for ruins in Athens at this famed marketplace. Agoramakes features extensive excavations including a concert hall, several temples, and long rows of ancient pillars.

8.   Parthenon. Get a view of the unparalleled splendor of ancient Greek civilization in the Parthenon, a temple in Acropolis which is entirely made of marble. It’s a cultural symbol and an icon of the birth of Western civilization.

9.   New Acropolis Museum. Visit the largest modern structure built so near to an ancient site. The museum houses more than 4,000 ancient pieces and its glass hall gives a panoramic view of the Parthenon and the entire Acropolis.

10.  Little Venice. Party wild and rub elbows with celebrities and fashionistas in bars and beaches of Mykonos’ Little Venice. The place has a cosmopolitan air cloaking its twisted streets, colorful balconies, amazing cafes, and breathtaking seaside view.

11. Corfu Old Town. You’ll never get bored in Corfu’s capital, which is the heart of Ionians as it flaunts excellent museums, sophisticated Venetian architecture, and quite surprisingly, a cricket pitch.

12.  Crete beaches. Soak in sunlight at these beaches which boast very soft white sand, colorful pebbles, charming coves and golden, rocky coastlines.

13.  Epidaurus Theater. Get a view of one of the purest Greek architectural masterpieces in the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaruis. It served as cultural and healing center way back in the 4th century.

14.  Keri Caves. Swim through the clear, cold and turquoise water going inside the Keri Cave. Once you’re in, witness how the sunlight bounce off the arched sea bed, causing the sea to glow beautifully.

15.  Delphi Ruins. See the magnificent landscape of what was once hailed as the center of the Earth and Universe. The ruins, where the omniscient Oracle used to get his advice, is still enveloped with an air of ancient mysticism today.

16.  Ancient Port of Pythagoreion. Sail along the picturesque harbor of Samos and witness the spectacular architecture of Eupalinian aqueduct.

17.  Sissi's Palace (Achilleon). This classical Astro-Hungarian palace is built on top of a mountain and enclosed in a breathtaking garden.

18.  Melissani Cave. Experience a magical feeling while gliding over an uncovered part of a lake inside the Melissani Cave.

19.  Lake Plastira. Witness how nature and man created together the awe-inspiring scenery of this place. Chestnut and oak trees surround the lake and you’ll get a soothing feel amidst the whisper of running water and rustling leaves.

20. The Pelion. Considered as the Tuscany of Greece, this area has everything: beautiful beaches, picturesque countryside, excellent treks and culture-rich villages.

21.  Mount Athos. In what is popularly known as the Holy Mountain of Chalcidice peninsula rise 20 ancient monasteries. Sadly though, only males are allowed to visit this fascinating fortress.

22. Skópelos. Drench in sunlight at this magnificent beach and see for yourself why location scouts of Hollywood choose Skopelos as the ultimate definition of Greek paradise beach.

23. Acropolis of Lindos. Visit and be enthralled by the whitewash houses, 4th century BC temple and medieval castle of Lindia Athena. Go by foot or ride on a donkey to reach the acropolis. Recharge your batteries after visiting the acropolis by going on a swim in Lindos Bay’s crystal clear waters or have a calming sunbath amidst golden sands and turquoise waters in Tsambika beach.

24. Waters of Thirassia If you're looking for peace and quiet then you'll definitely want to stop by Thirassia Island near Santorini. Relax, have a frappe, and visit the many churches and Monastries. There is a nice beach next to Riva also.

25.  Ancient Mycenae. Enter this haunting ruin through the thirty centuries-old Lion Gate and admire one of its most impressive structures, the Grave Circle. It is composed of six royal shaft graves that beautifully contrast with the angular projections of all other nearby edifices. 

26.  Castle Town of Mystra, Peloponnese.  Step into the Byzantine age as you step into this fortified ghost town situated on top of a hill. It is one of the most dramatic archaeological sites of Greece.

27.  Delos archeological site. Delos is a sacred, treasure-trove island and the birthplace of Greek gods Apollo and Artemis. It boasts of marvelous landmarks such as the Terrace of the Lions, the Minoan Fountain, the ancient Synagogue and the Doric Temple of Isis.

28. Knossos Palace, Crete. See the biggest archeological site of Bronze Age in Crete, which is also Europe's oldest city. Get a guide book so you won’t get lost amidst 800 of the 1300 rooms of this vividly colored palace.

29. Shipwreck Bay, Zákynthos. Here is gorgeous scenery to enjoy and sunbathe in. Shipwreck Bay is one of the poster beaches of Greece.

30. Pátmos. Drop by this gorgeous island and be enthralled by your visit in the fortified orthodox monastery of St John the Divine.

31.  Vikos Gorge. Do one of the most unforgettable hikes in this 16-kilometer descent of lavish greens walled by colossal rock formations.

32. Aqualand Waterpark, Corfu. Keep yourself and the kids occupied for a day with a lot of slides and water activities in one Europe’s best water parks.

33. Ýdhra. Also known as Hydra, this place features a granite cliff and a remarkable horseshoe-shaped harbour. This place is easily one of the most charming spots in Greece.

34. Old Monemvasia. Witness the splendor of both Byzantine era’s heyday and wartime in this place. The most remarkable example is the juxtaposition of Agia Sophia (or other 12th-13th century churches) and the Laconian setting where it rests.

35.  Ladadika Jewish Quarter. Hit this trendy seafront spot to chill out with friends and to have a break from all ancient landmarks you’ve visited. The area has vibrant colors, twisted alleys and numerous taverns to enjoy some ouzo.

36. Gulf of Corinth. At a glance, the Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge, which crosses over the Gulf of Corinth could be mistaken for San Francisco. This engineering feat is an amalgamation of modernity and ancient history linking mainland Greece and Peloponnes. Romantic ports, beaches and quaint towns dotted along the gulf’s edge are also spectacular views.

37.  Cape Sounion. Visit the temple of the god of sea, Poseidon, perched on a peninsula with its three sides enclosed by the sea. The sunset, as viewed from this place, is also a coveted scene.

38.  Dirou Caves. Board on a tiny wooden gondolier and witness the crystal clear waters along the way. Once you steer underground, the gleaming stalactites and stalagmites will awe you as well as how the halogen light makes way for unearthly colors to shine through the dimly lit passageway.

39. Sunset at Agios Georgios Castle, Kefalonia. The fortress was built in the 12th century during the Byzantines times but the Venetians finished it. Watching the sun set in this castle is an incredible experience.

40. Scuba diving in Santorini. Though not as popular as other diving areas in the planet, you can witness amazing sea life, volcanic stones and other incredible natural wonders in the waters of Santorini.

41.  Mezédhes. Taste the true flavors of Greece with a meze (or small dish, spicy or savory, hot or cold; pl. mezedhes) platter of dips and starters paired with one glass of ouzo.

42. Wine tasting. There is much more to Greek than dramatic sceneries. The Greek wine, which is increasingly gaining popularity, is one must-try. Visit wineries in Crete after your eyes feast on its beaches and mountains.

43. Windsurfing. Get the most out of the Greek Islands’ windy days by windsurfing off Paros, Andhros or Naxos in the Cyclades or Lefkádha in the Náxos or Ionians.

44. Hellenic Festival. Every summer, Athens holds this exciting festival where you can watch dance and musical performances by national and international artists at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre. 

Symi Nautical Museum

45.  Symi. Symi has the most beautiful harbour in Greece. One of many greek islands for sightseeing. Make sure to stop by the historic Nautical Museum.

46. Thessaloniki International Film Festival (November). This is one of Europe’s best film festivals, next to Italy’s Venice Film Festival and France’s Cannes Film Festival.  Meet world-renowned actors and directors as they celebrate budding artists and international film. 

47.  Bird watching in Prespa Lakes and Nestos Delta. The eleven wetlands of Greece are home to 190 bird species. Spend an afternoon in these areas to catch a glimpse of eagles, pelicans, storks, turtle doves, herons, peregrine falcons, red-rumped swallows, magpies, and many others.

48. Thiseion Cinema. Athenians have great ardor for film so you’ll almost always find every walled garden in town transforming into an open-air movie house. The charming Thiseion Cinema is one, which shows classic Hollywood flicks. The movies, just as all non-Greek films, are subtitled rather than dubbed.

49. Souvenirs in Plaka. Take home a piece of Greece as you visit the narrow streets of Plaka, where all kinds of souvenirs are sold— from fishermen's sweaters to jewelry. Byzantino jewels, in particular, offers delicate handcrafted "museum-copy" jewelry — imitating ancient Greek pieces. 

50. Skiing in Mt. Parnassus. Little do skiing enthusiasts of Switzerland, France, and Italy know, Greece has one of the best selections of unspoiled mountains topped with winter snow. Greece doesn’t only have a fine variety of ski centers and slopes, it also offers much lower prices compared to other skiing hotspots. 


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